Top 4 Tips For Effective Explainer Videos

What makes Explainer Videos today for business marketing so effective?

This type of video combines Audio & Visual which is a dynamic combination that gets your viewer engaged and compels them to take action.

TIP #1:

Be A Problem Solver – Explain how your products or services solve a customer’s problem is valuable in gaining more views, clicks and conversions.

TIP #2:

Be Concise – Short but info packed videos provide specific information that quickly help the viewer and move them to take action.  No need to have a 30 minute video when you can ‘get to the point’ giving your audience the information in 3-5 minutes.

TIP #3:

Showcase Personality – Many small business owners forget to let their viewers see their personality!  Adding your personality into your videos is a perfect avenue to show your brands creativity and style. Attract your audience in a unique, memorable way.

TIP #4:

Be Versatile – When done right, videos work anywhere. Post them on social media, include them in email, on your homepage website or in blog posts. Consistently showing up and not in just one place, is key.

These are just a few tips on how Explainer Videos can be effective when you have a clear, specific message. The purpose of the video is to attract, engage and encourage viewers or current customers.

Explainer Videos should be part of your video marketing strategies.

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Quick Video Tip: Think About Your Audience

How To Get Your Videos SEEN..

Just a quick video tip for you today.

It isn’t enough to have just one
video on your website these days.

If you want to get results for your
business using video, consider
this Video Tip:

Think About Your Audience

1) Who would be viewing your video
2) What problems do they have
3) Where do they live
4) How old are they

When you answer those questions,
you know ‘who’ your audience is.

Then you can add emotion into your
videos to grab attention, hold their
attention and ultimately move them
to take action.

Check yourself when creating your
next video(s) for these factors and
you’ll start seeing greater results.

Hope that helps you when marketing
your business for success. Let me

Make it a great day,
Lynn Brown

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DID YOU KNOW… that 51% of video plays are on mobile devices.
It’s important to think about how your video marketing and
advertising content will be viewed.

Visual Content Types You Must Use For Successful Marketing

For your content marketing campaign to continue to work and get results for your business, it is imperative that you know what will stimulate your growth and engagement over the internet.

Although text based content is essential, you can only go so far with it – particularly because everyone is using it. Instead, you might want to invest in a variety of other visual content types to set yourself apart and make your efforts in marketing your business be more successful.


The following are some effective types of visual content that you can use to take your marketing strategy to the next level:


1. Images

Splitting textual content with compelling and attractive images can help you ensure that your viewers finish reading what you posted. Of course, the images should be of a high quality and relevant to the content.

Today, articles and blog posts that contain images tend to attract 94% more views than those which lack images of any kind. Additionally, digital content is so saturated and mobile use has increased, meaning that attention spans are getting shorter. So you’ll want to invest more in ‘unique’ images to keep your readers and targets interested in what you have to say.

If you can’t produce your own original images, consider using resources like Canva, Pexels, Pixabay, Flickr, and a really cool tool that I have used for more than 2 years; Stencil. These sites contain tons of photos that you can use to increase your marketing reach.


2. Videos

Video content is incredibly useful, especially when it comes to presenting a problem and showing solutions to it. This works out perfectly when the solutions are directly or indirectly tied to your products and/or services.

Although the other visual content types tend to be cheaper, you can be sure that great videos will provide extra clout and reach to your campaign. It will also demonstrate to others that you are prepared to go that extra mile to show that you are serious about what you do. In fact, adding videos to your landing pages, blogs, websites and social platforms can increase your conversions by as much as 85% or more.

Luckily, there are so many different types of videos that you can choose to best attract a new view, lead or buyer. From customer testimonials and product demonstrations to animated explainer videos and how to videos, you can be sure that the list is nearly endless.


3. Infographics

If you wish to draw upon all the complex statistics and data you have collected over time, you should consider putting that data into an easily intelligible and compelling visual display, called infographics.

When you accompany these infographics with subtle marketing messages (such as while networking with influencers, performing social media marketing, or optimizing your landing page), you can be sure that they might soon become an integral and inseparable part of your overall marketing strategy.

However, it would help your case if you ensured that the design and layout of your infographics are as impactful as you can possibly make them. Your designs should also combine the right fonts, shapes, and colors to ensure that your impact data converts easily.

4. Memes

Memes are images that often contain humorous or inspirational captions. Today, they play such an important role in online marketing that you cannot afford to ignore them. They have also gained traction of the internet – particularly as a source of entertainment in the online world.

By creating memes for your brand, you can evoke more positive emotions in your target audiences. This way, you could effectively set yourself apart from the rest of the crowd and start reaping major rewards in the process.


5. Presentations

Although presentations were formally restricted to boardrooms and offices, they have taken on a new meaning in the online world.

Through websites like SlideShare, you can share your presentations with the rest of the world and, in the process, expand the reach for your business. Through these presentations, you will also be able to communicate with and inform your audience irrespective of the device they might be using.


So… at the end of the day, the success of your marketing will be largely pegged on how easily and consistently you can create and share visual content over the internet. Use the information above to help you understand the types of content you should be using and start taking advantage of them for online success in growing your business.

Best 5 Tips For A Successful Engaging Video

If you are a small business owner today, you probably know that video marketing
is the most effective way to put out your brand’s message, to attract new customers
and to increase sales.

There was an article that came across my desk the other day from a video marketing
friend with some really helpful and best tips for creating a successful engaging video.

Whether you are producing your own marketing videos yourself or hiring someone
to do it for you, I think these best 5 tips will help to increase your results even more!

Check out the entire article here:  5 Top Tips For An Engaging Video

Hopefully you will find these tips helpful as I did.

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To your continued success,
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Top 7 Video Marketing Strategy Tips For Your Small Business

Are you a small business owner wanting to increase your following, gain more customers
or make more sales?

Video marketing is the most effective way to get the word out about
your business, products or services.

But what if you have a low marketing budget or don’t know the first thing when it comes
to creating good content videos… Well, I came across this article that I think will be very
helpful to any business owner wanting to have video marketing strategies that get results!

Check it out here:  7 Tips for Launching Video Marketing

I hope you enjoy these tips and strategies.  Apply them to your business and feel free to
share this with others.

Its All About Custom Video Ads For Your Business

The day of the billboard and back-of-the-bench advertising has been upstaged by today’s technology and social media.

Don’t get me wrong; those techniques still work. But people aren’t very likely to put their money down after checking out a bench at a bus stop. Advertising and marketing your business has many other highly effective ways to promote your brand, product or service.

Let’s talk all about online custom video ads.  What are they and how has custom video ads become a critical tool to use to reach large audiences particularly with the user-friendly technology available today?

The ability to reach a wider audience allowed me to build my business and increase sales or clients in a way that’s not possible within the limitations of traditional marketing.

Video marketing or digital marketing has taken over business marketing in a big way.  With impressive statistics that will surely help you to realize that custom video ads or video logos will be just one way to effectively market your business today.

I have read and seen the research reports that shows advertisements made with videos online perform 25 percent better than text-only advertisements and seven times greater than display ads.


The following are advantages custom video ads will bring when you make them a part of your online marketing strategy:


1- Video Ads Effective Marketing Tool

Using video ads, your site and social media presence will be ahead of the curve and attract your audience to click a link, visit a site or take other actions. Custom video ads have not only helped me to present a message in a more creative manner but also helps to present specific products and services in an entertaining fashion, grabbing attention from your visitors that have the potential to turn into your paying customers.


2- Custom Video Ads Generate Connections

You will see how custom video ads can create an Instant level of trust between you and your customers or clients.  Putting custom video ads on your website, blog or sharing them on social media and adding them to a video channel will build that trust on an ongoing basis. It will make them feel like they know you, that creates a personal bond making them feel more comfortable about spending money on buying your products and services.


3-Custom Video Ads Has Increased Interaction With Clients

The most attractive feature of custom video ads is their ability to allow you to interact with your customers.  An interesting, unique video will move your potential or current customers to action.  They will even share your video with family and friends if it is interesting or entertaining enough. Interaction with your clients is key to keeping your customers returning to your site, store, booking appointments or picking up the phone!


4-Multiple Uses

Custom video ads have numerous uses which is of great advantage to any small business. These short, to the point videos can be used to highlight the new features of your products and services, for example, to demonstrate how to use the product, to get consumer feedback, announcements for special offers, giveaways and so much more.



My Secrets to Making Custom Online Videos Effective


Producing High-Quality Video Ads.

I always ensure that my custom video ads are professionally done by using tools such as professional templates, music, sharp images and clips.  Our team will incorporate your high resolution images or other video footage, such as drone footage, to produce a unique, one-of-a-kind custom video ad.  High-quality ads quickly grab the attention of people hence they watch the ads. This means your goal is achieved and you don’t take the chance of trying to produce something that is unprofessional or with fuzzy images.


Creating Clear, Understandable Sound.

Today’s social media, audio is not as necessary as in the past.  You should have noticed how social platforms like Facebook auto plays the videos you upload with no audio.  The visitor has a choice now to turn on the volume.  So it is really important that your social video marketing ads comes across that anyone will know what message you are sharing, even without sound.  I make the audio portion of these custom videos an option, but when you want that cinematic audio or music, we will provide the highest quality to match your specific custom video ad.  This is because audio is a crucial part of the video ad as it communicates by setting the tone through music or sounds on portraying the message to the clients. Each video is edited so that potential customers see and hear the best possible audio and video quality.


Attention-Getting Content

Focus on the end result will help to develop that laser specific content that will make or break the success of the custom video ads.  Through my video marketing experience, I have learned that creating an ad that looks and sounds beautiful is only part of the equation. Attention-getting content is the component that holds the consumer’s attention until the end of the ad. I use content such as images, texts, and clips that my customers can identify with to drive the message home without them feeling confused or bored.



Your video marketing effectiveness will be measured by how many times it gets seen, played and how many people will actually take action.  Our custom video ads will help develop the right focus and maintain a specific direction for each video ad produced.  Advanced targeting and automated optimization have helped me to ensure that my video ads are shown to people who have already demonstrated an interest in the type of business, service or product featured in the video.



Whether you are a small or large business, professional, contractor or online marketer…custom video ads that are specific to your business, products or services is an effective way to market your brand and business.

By using custom video ads as a marketing tool, I personally have experienced great results because it draws potential clients to my site and offers, which gives an opportunity for getting more leads and sales.  The ability to build your business with custom video ads is endless because of the unique ability you can portray through video.

All consumers are not the same and the combination of text, video footage, animation and images work together to effectively draw the largest following. Since I discovered and became familiar with custom video ads, I have realized that it’s one of the most fun and enjoyable parts of my online marketing strategy.


And now…after almost a decade of online, social media marketing and 5 years of video marketing… I took my skills and resources in developing a professional library of templates, footage and animations.  Happy to offer my custom video ads & logos service in helping you effectively market your specific business, product or service.  Get more information and special offers here.

How To Build Your Online Business With A Blog

Blogging is an integral part of internet marketing and to build your online business. A blog is an effective tool to drive traffic back to your website and help to build a successful and profitable online business.

Technology has come a long way since the 1990s and a number of companies and online businesses have started incorporating blogging in their marketing plan as it encourages visibility for your startup business online.

Having regular blog posts is a cost-effective means of getting quality leads.

Blogging has become a means to share messages and encourage feedback in an elaborate way.

Blogs improve your website’s SEO. Fresh content is still a key to beating out your competitors in the search engine results. It helps position your company as a brand leader. By writing interesting blog posts which relate to your market, you can create a living resume for your vast knowledge and skill set.

Blogs allow you to connect with your audience directly on your website. Your clients get to know about your service or product from the comfort of their online devices, whether it be computer, laptop, tablets or smartphones.

To build your online business with a blog, as with any business building tactic, you need to be strategic and methodical in your approach.  It increases the engagement of audience, not just on social media but also on traditional media.

If your business is in the growth stage you might increase the chances of being discovered with your blogs, allowing you to become a credible source of opinion and information for visitors and potential clients, customers or members.

Posting regular blogs indicates that your site is being updated. This means more pages for your site which can help generate more internal links pointing to your blog site.  Search engines track these changes and each new page added is a sign that your site is active.

When a blog of yours gets shared on social media and gets linked to on other sites, then your page rankings really improve. Even Google rewards that by ranking your site more highly among others.

The anatomy of a blog plays a pivotal role in getting the attention of readers who visits your blog site.


Start off with a compelling, attention grabbing headline, to specify your readers to know what to expect. Then add the content that features your story about a product or service. You can also include lots of unique visuals in the form of images and videos. List down the special features, provide a detailed description, answer questions that might arise in the viewers mind, bring out what’s interesting about them, and it’s more likely for your product to be sold. If you want to build online business with a blog keep the content fresh and don’t repeat the same type of content over and over again

A business blog is important because it is the optimal choice for your content marketing hub. In today’s content-driven world, while you may view yourself as a marketer, you’re really a publisher. You have to provide relevant content for your prospects, customers and the public, who spend over 10 hours a day consuming media.”—Joe Pulizzi, Content Marketing Institute

Building Successful Online Business Working Part Time

This question is asked a lot… can you build a successful online business working part time?

Or do you need to dedicate your every waking hour to building your new internet business venture?

Well, good news and short answer…YES you can!  Today’s technology has made it possible for anyone to start, build and succeed with their own home based business on the internet. 

Since you can leverage the internet, and do this virtually anywhere in the world, it is possible to build your online business and make it successful while working part time or while you are working that full time job.

There are a number of essential things you have to take seriously….

So what are the important aspects you must focus on if you wish to grow your internet business, especially as you continue relying on full time employment for your regular income? In simple terms, it starts with a positive mindset and a commitment towards your business. 

Most people who start their online business and are able to work at home must know how to separate their work from the comforts of home.  Also managing your time while living the laptop lifestyle will be key.


There are 3 core areas of to building your
online business working part time that you
should focus on:

– Your mindset

– Your list building activities

– Your conversions



#1 – Mindset

Before you are able to get out of that 9 to 5 job, you will need to really work on yourself, your personality, and your thought process. To help you achieve the right mindset, I would really recommend that you listen to some inspirational audios. 

Make sure you use the free time you have driving, commuting to work or when you are taking a shower to motivate yourself. During these dead times, the audios will help you work on your mindset and improve your faculties.

Books are another source of valuable input to improve your mindset.  Reading daily from successful entrepreneurs and other motivational information will benefit you turning the corner to building confidence and self-belief for success.

Most people who decide to build an online business are often stuck at a dead end job. Or they have terrible bosses. Or they simply want to get richer faster than their job will allow them.

Whatever the reasons you have for starting your business, you need to develop the right mindset to succeed once you finally submit your resignation letter and say goodbye to your former work mates.


Mindset is everything


#2 – List Building 

If you don’t have a list or a team to work with yet, then you should spend the majority of your time crafting and developing your sales funnels. This is the only way you are going to get more visitors to your website and convert them into actual customers.

You should also consider creating lead magnets –by giving away something valuable so that people can give you their email information and contacts. Craft your strategy in such a way that it will easily generate leads. Then, focus on getting more traffic to drift toward your capture page.

Outside of your mindset, most of your time should be spent on generating leads. Leads are real people and it will take time to communicate with them building rapport.  Start doing this even as soon as you have a couple of leads, begin working on engaging and converting them from simple visitors, subscribers into actual paying customers.



#3 – Conversions

Conversions means sales and sales means income!  And if you plan on leaving that 9 to 5 job and live the laptop lifestyle, then making sales conversions consistently is a must.  There are many ways to convert leads into customers. Start by sending out daily email newsletters. Also, think about creating bonuses for your leads so that you can get them to join your team.

It takes time for your potential customer or prospect to make a purchase.  Generally it has been said it may take up to 5 – 7 times to be exposed to what you are selling or the program you want them to join before they take action to buy.

Consider doing a videos and audios to further help you build good rapport to convert more people.  Have a good tracking and analytics system so you can see which sales copy and funnels are working best.  Then scale up those winning sales funnels to increase your profits and income.  At the end of the day, the volume of conversion will determine your overall earning potential.



When it’s all is said and done, you must find your perfect balance to ensure that your online business works out. For instance, if you only focus on generating leads and stop growing your mindset and personal development, you might end up quitting. This means that you cannot avoid any of the above 3 aspects of creating a successful internet venture. You must focus your spare time on becoming the best version of you. 

Additionally, if you only going to give 50 percent of your free time on working on your mindset and the other 50 percent on generating leads, then you won’t have any time to convert leads. At the end of the day, you will have a strong mindset and a big list but no customers.

Divide your time appropriately to insure your online business will continue to grow, even on a part time basis. 

At the end of the day, you can still build a successful online business working part time. However, you will need to focus on these 3 core areas with the goal in mind to keep working at it until your business will give you an income that is larger than what you earn from your full time job so you can leave that 9 to 5 and live the laptop lifestyle!