Top 4 Tips For Effective Explainer Videos

What makes Explainer Videos today for business marketing so effective?

This type of video combines Audio & Visual which is a dynamic combination that gets your viewer engaged and compels them to take action.

TIP #1:

Be A Problem Solver – Explain how your products or services solve a customer’s problem is valuable in gaining more views, clicks and conversions.

TIP #2:

Be Concise – Short but info packed videos provide specific information that quickly help the viewer and move them to take action.  No need to have a 30 minute video when you can ‘get to the point’ giving your audience the information in 3-5 minutes.

TIP #3:

Showcase Personality – Many small business owners forget to let their viewers see their personality!  Adding your personality into your videos is a perfect avenue to show your brands creativity and style. Attract your audience in a unique, memorable way.

TIP #4:

Be Versatile – When done right, videos work anywhere. Post them on social media, include them in email, on your homepage website or in blog posts. Consistently showing up and not in just one place, is key.

These are just a few tips on how Explainer Videos can be effective when you have a clear, specific message. The purpose of the video is to attract, engage and encourage viewers or current customers.

Explainer Videos should be part of your video marketing strategies.

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