Quick Video Tip: Think About Your Audience

How To Get Your Videos SEEN..

Just a quick video tip for you today.

It isn’t enough to have just one
video on your website these days.

If you want to get results for your
business using video, consider
this Video Tip:

Think About Your Audience

1) Who would be viewing your video
2) What problems do they have
3) Where do they live
4) How old are they

When you answer those questions,
you know ‘who’ your audience is.

Then you can add emotion into your
videos to grab attention, hold their
attention and ultimately move them
to take action.

Check yourself when creating your
next video(s) for these factors and
you’ll start seeing greater results.

Hope that helps you when marketing
your business for success. Let me

Make it a great day,
Lynn Brown

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DID YOU KNOW… that 51% of video plays are on mobile devices.
It’s important to think about how your video marketing and
advertising content will be viewed.