Its All About Custom Video Ads For Your Business

The day of the billboard and back-of-the-bench advertising has been upstaged by today’s technology and social media.

Don’t get me wrong; those techniques still work. But people aren’t very likely to put their money down after checking out a bench at a bus stop. Advertising and marketing your business has many other highly effective ways to promote your brand, product or service.

Let’s talk all about online custom video ads.  What are they and how has custom video ads become a critical tool to use to reach large audiences particularly with the user-friendly technology available today?

The ability to reach a wider audience allowed me to build my business and increase sales or clients in a way that’s not possible within the limitations of traditional marketing.

Video marketing or digital marketing has taken over business marketing in a big way.  With impressive statistics that will surely help you to realize that custom video ads or video logos will be just one way to effectively market your business today.

I have read and seen the research reports that shows advertisements made with videos online perform 25 percent better than text-only advertisements and seven times greater than display ads.


The following are advantages custom video ads will bring when you make them a part of your online marketing strategy:


1- Video Ads Effective Marketing Tool

Using video ads, your site and social media presence will be ahead of the curve and attract your audience to click a link, visit a site or take other actions. Custom video ads have not only helped me to present a message in a more creative manner but also helps to present specific products and services in an entertaining fashion, grabbing attention from your visitors that have the potential to turn into your paying customers.


2- Custom Video Ads Generate Connections

You will see how custom video ads can create an Instant level of trust between you and your customers or clients.  Putting custom video ads on your website, blog or sharing them on social media and adding them to a video channel will build that trust on an ongoing basis. It will make them feel like they know you, that creates a personal bond making them feel more comfortable about spending money on buying your products and services.


3-Custom Video Ads Has Increased Interaction With Clients

The most attractive feature of custom video ads is their ability to allow you to interact with your customers.  An interesting, unique video will move your potential or current customers to action.  They will even share your video with family and friends if it is interesting or entertaining enough. Interaction with your clients is key to keeping your customers returning to your site, store, booking appointments or picking up the phone!


4-Multiple Uses

Custom video ads have numerous uses which is of great advantage to any small business. These short, to the point videos can be used to highlight the new features of your products and services, for example, to demonstrate how to use the product, to get consumer feedback, announcements for special offers, giveaways and so much more.



My Secrets to Making Custom Online Videos Effective


Producing High-Quality Video Ads.

I always ensure that my custom video ads are professionally done by using tools such as professional templates, music, sharp images and clips.  Our team will incorporate your high resolution images or other video footage, such as drone footage, to produce a unique, one-of-a-kind custom video ad.  High-quality ads quickly grab the attention of people hence they watch the ads. This means your goal is achieved and you don’t take the chance of trying to produce something that is unprofessional or with fuzzy images.


Creating Clear, Understandable Sound.

Today’s social media, audio is not as necessary as in the past.  You should have noticed how social platforms like Facebook auto plays the videos you upload with no audio.  The visitor has a choice now to turn on the volume.  So it is really important that your social video marketing ads comes across that anyone will know what message you are sharing, even without sound.  I make the audio portion of these custom videos an option, but when you want that cinematic audio or music, we will provide the highest quality to match your specific custom video ad.  This is because audio is a crucial part of the video ad as it communicates by setting the tone through music or sounds on portraying the message to the clients. Each video is edited so that potential customers see and hear the best possible audio and video quality.


Attention-Getting Content

Focus on the end result will help to develop that laser specific content that will make or break the success of the custom video ads.  Through my video marketing experience, I have learned that creating an ad that looks and sounds beautiful is only part of the equation. Attention-getting content is the component that holds the consumer’s attention until the end of the ad. I use content such as images, texts, and clips that my customers can identify with to drive the message home without them feeling confused or bored.



Your video marketing effectiveness will be measured by how many times it gets seen, played and how many people will actually take action.  Our custom video ads will help develop the right focus and maintain a specific direction for each video ad produced.  Advanced targeting and automated optimization have helped me to ensure that my video ads are shown to people who have already demonstrated an interest in the type of business, service or product featured in the video.



Whether you are a small or large business, professional, contractor or online marketer…custom video ads that are specific to your business, products or services is an effective way to market your brand and business.

By using custom video ads as a marketing tool, I personally have experienced great results because it draws potential clients to my site and offers, which gives an opportunity for getting more leads and sales.  The ability to build your business with custom video ads is endless because of the unique ability you can portray through video.

All consumers are not the same and the combination of text, video footage, animation and images work together to effectively draw the largest following. Since I discovered and became familiar with custom video ads, I have realized that it’s one of the most fun and enjoyable parts of my online marketing strategy.


And now…after almost a decade of online, social media marketing and 5 years of video marketing… I took my skills and resources in developing a professional library of templates, footage and animations.  Happy to offer my custom video ads & logos service in helping you effectively market your specific business, product or service.  Get more information and special offers here.